Across the thick, blackened sand, untrained calves and ankles cramping, phrases of Lozi campfire songs loop in repetition through the mind: ‘Ki Mulena Mulena wama lena’, He is the Lord, the Lord of lords.
The open skies, soaring eagles and expansive horizons of Barotseland seem to hasten the call to share the Good News and revive the feet of those who bring it. They are cheered along by children who run out to greet them and sing out their favourite praise song.

The air is dry and thirsty. The harvest is ready. Just as the rich earth and floodplain are brought to a crescendo of life by Zambia’s torrential rain, the hearts of those who are thirsty for Living Water, spring to abundant life.

Passion for God, compassion for people

Passion for God and compassion for people are two foundational values of The Zambia Project. Our vision is to establish a Christ-centered church within walking distance of every person in the Western Province of Zambia and to see all villages impacted by the gospel and uplifted through a strong Christian community.

A fervent love relationship with God dictates both strategy and lifestyle. Everything has Christ Jesus as the centre and is aimed at glorifying Him, from the installation of water wells, medical care of children, translation of the Bible into five local languages never recorded before, medical outreach, care and education of orphans, to leadership and community development. There is a place for you to serve and support here.

where we work

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