What does PF do exactly?
Preferred Future is dedicated to identifying, raising and resourcing leaders within the local church who will champion and lead social justice and missions work within their respective churches, to impact their communities. PF is also responsible for leading, developing and supporting the social justice and missions work that is done in these churches: Building strong leaders who will lead significant work.

Where does PF work?
We work within the Assemblies of God churches in South Africa and their missions work within Southern Africa.

How does PF define missions and social justice?
PF defines missions as all work that is happening outside South Africa, and social justice work as all work within South Africa. This is not to say that there is not missions work happening within the country or social justice work happening outside the country, but this is how PF differentiates between the two. Education is presently the social justice focus of PF, while church planting is the focus of missions.

How can I be involved in PF?
You can get involved in PF through the strategy of GIVE | SEND | RAISE.


How do I GIVE | SEND | RAISE as a Senior Pastor/Church Leader?
GIVE: Commit to supporting the church planting work through giving to PF or to our missions partners directly.

SEND: Send teams to serve as part of a missions trip to one of our partners.

RAISE: Identify a champion who can be the leader of the justice and/or mission work of your church. Let PF walk alongside them to resource and encourage them. Recognise the value of starting justice work in your local under-resourced community, focusing on education, and start investing in it.

How do I GIVE | SEND | RAISE as an individual?
GIVE: Sponsor children’s education and holistic care through one of our partners. Support PF financially and enable the church planting and education work to continue.

SEND: Join a missions trip, serve at one of our justice partners, or volunteer to serve at PF events or at our offices.

RAISE: Support the justice and missions champion in your local church.


What’s up with Resources?
One of our primary activities is to raise strong leaders who, in turn, will lead significant work. Our online resource centre is a library of information, podcasts, videos and articles that are all aimed at strengthening the social justice work, missions work and leadership of our champions. Most of this content is freely available for download and distribution.


Online Payments with PayFast:

Transparency and security is important to us so this is the process:

  • Money is paid using PayFast, an external and secure service provider and it transferred directly into PF’s bank account.
  • We receive a notification with your name, selected cause, amount given and email address as a proof of payment from PayFast.
  • Between 2% and 3,9% of given funds is taken off by the service provider for secure payments. https://www.payfast.co.za/fees/
  • An automatic reply is sent directly from PF to you as soon as your payment has gone through. You will also receive an email from PayFast.

Debit Order payments:

Debit order authorisations are available for download on each partner page.

  • Once a debit authorisation form has been filled out and sent back to PF, you will automatically be debited from the day and month selected by you.
  • A standard transaction fee amount of between R4 and R5 is deducted from a donation of any amount.
  • The balance is directly deposited into the nominated account.
  • You will be in direct communication with partners/missionaries who may add you to their newsletter databases.
  • These partners/missionaries may also remind you at the end of the year of debit order payments, if you would like to donate for another year.
  • Tax Donation certificates will be sent out on request only.

EFT Payments:

A transaction fee may be deducted from a donation by your personal bank on using this transfer method. NO FURTHER admin fees are deducted by PF. A letter of thanks will be received from PF on receipt of your donation, noting the amount given and name of selected partner.

Are the donations tax deductible?

All donations given to partners working within South Africa through Preferred Future that fit PBO guidelines are tax deductible. A tax certificate will be issued at the end of every financial year in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act 1962. Vouchers for donations received in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act No 58 of 1962 must be retained and attached to your Income Tax Return.